Tuesday Tips

Eyebrows frame & accentuate the eyes however, like your skin and hair; Eyebrows can show your age. 


Years of bad brow care & over-tweezing can leave brows looking sparse and lacking the ability to really accentuate your beautiful peepers. But, there’s hope. With the proper care from your trusted brow guru and the proper tools & brow products your brows can regain their youthful appearance and fullness.

Sometimes the lack of hair makes filling them in a bit more challenging for some. There is no hair for makeup product to adhere to, so the product & what you thought was your fleeked out eyebrow quickly gets wiped away. There’s also the accumulation of oil on the surface of skin which make product slip, lose its definition and look rather shiny.

Give your brow products the power to fight through your days most brow raising adventures by applying your favorite shadow primer all the way up and into the brows. (Just make sure the primer isn’t shimmery.) This helps your brow products hold longer and it will also keep mid day shine away from your brows. Oils on our face oxidize makeup products, making them turn darker through out the day, so what you thought looked like soft mocha brown brow at 7 a.m when you walked out the door, looks more like 90% cacao by noon, Yikes! Thank goodness for selfie mode and BFF’s to keep an eye on those bad boys. Well, looks like my work here is done. Hopefully these tips help you primp your brows into peak perfection!

Thanks for reading guys, check in next week for the next Tuesday’s Tip Topic.